Operation of a Storefront
Affiliate System


Sports and fitness facilities can be
monetized as showrooms

With declining membership due to the Corona disaster and rising costs due to higher prices, more sports and fitness facilities are looking for income outside of membership fees. As a trading company specializing in wellness, we launched a new revenue-generating platform in December 2023 that matches facilities with quality manufacturers and suppliers. Unlike the traditional product sales business, we utilize fitness facilities as advertising media and return performance fees based on sales promotion results.


Outline of Storefront Affiliate Scheme

Samples of selected products are placed at fitness facilities, and those who wish to purchase the products can access the e-commerce site via an adjacent QR code. By embedding a mechanism that allows measurement of which store the purchase was made from into this QR code, the system automatically calculates the sales of that store and returns a performance fee for it.

A new system that will benefit Facilities, Manufacturers, and Consumers

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