Distribution Support


We support the distribution of products and
services of outstanding manufacturers and suppliers

We are expanding our own network of sports and fitness facilities, sports teams and athletes, medical facilities, and retailers. We can assist in the distribution of products and services that do not necessarily match the worldview of our Olakina brand, but are superior in each area. Fitness equipment, diet and supplements, conditioning goods, IT solutions, and more, whether tangible or intangible.

Partnerships can be formed in a variety of ways, including purchase and sales contracts, distributorship agreements, sales agency agreements, and partnership agreements. In addition, we will gradually respond to needs for overseas exports in the future. If you have products or services in the sports, fitness, and wellness area that you would like to expand your sales channels, please contact us using the inquiry form.

As a trading company specializing in wellness,
we respond to the wide range of needs of each player.


We will listen to the issues and needs of each player we have contact with in the sports, fitness, and wellness fields, and pick up the most suitable solution from among the many available solutions and propose it to them. Below is what we can offer to each player.

  • For sports and fitness facilities

    Products and services that add value to facilities and increase management efficiency in light of domestic and international trends in the sports and fitness industry

  • For sports teams and athletes

    Products and services that excel in terms of performance enhancement and conditioning

  • For medical facilities

    Products and services that contribute to the improvement of physical functions, prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, and rehabilitation

  • For retailers

    ※Includes sports and fitness facilities that sell merchandise

    Wellness-related products carefully selected from our own perspectives from Japan and overseas

Solutions we can currently introduce



Encompass is a training machine developed by Total Gym, Inc. in the U.S. It offers more than 200 exercise variations, allowing you to train your entire body with just one machine. Unlike conventional weight machines, the Encompass uses the leverage and pulley principle to load the exercises with the user's own body weight, giving it a different degree of freedom than fixed cable machines. As a result, the range of motion of joints can be improved along with muscle strengthening, and multiple muscle groups can work together at the same time while maintaining core stability.

WP―3000(Water Purifier)

The WP-3000 is the latest model of a water purifier that not only purifies tap water but also transforms it into mineral water using a unique patented cartridge technology (available from fall 2023). It can add five minerals: vanadium, germanium, silica, calcium, and magnesium, making your daily drinking water delicious and healthy. In addition to its long-term economic benefits, it is also environmentally friendly, as waste is only generated during the annual cartridge replacement.


D-Core(Massage Chair)

The D-Core is a high-performance massage chair made from walnut material that blends seamlessly with your interior. It can help enhance the added value of wellness-related facilities. Upon passing the screening, the chair is available for lease, and it can also be converted to a coin-operated timer, contributing to increased ancillary income. Even when installed at home, it allows you to enjoy luxurious moments akin to those at a high-end resort.

Certified World Top Athlete

his is a system in which top athletes active in the world evaluate and certify the quality of products and services based on standards established based on their own experiences. Athletes, who are conscious of every aspect of quality in their own lives, from food and sleep to clothing and daily necessities, in order to compete at the top of the world, will check the quality of their products. If you pass the test, you will receive a highly objective certification for the quality of your products, and the certified products will receive a "certification mark" to let consumers know that they are of athlete quality.


Other services