A tropical wellness brand that naturally leads
you to a healthy lifestyle


Olakina is derived from the Hawaiian word Olakino, meaning "health" or "wellness. We liked the fact that changing the final o to a, the first letter of Aesta, made it sound catchy, like "hola, kina," and decided to use it as the brand name. The flower in the logo is based on the plumeria. A wellness brand that always welcomes you warmly in 2022!

To deliver only really good products

Olakina is, so to speak, the name of a select store. In addition to our own private-brand products, we will pick up and handle only the best wellness products from Japan and abroad that match the world view of Olakina. In addition to retailing on our e-commerce site, we will also be able to offer our products to fitness clubs and retail stores, as well as to fitness clubs and retail stores. In addition to retail on our e-commerce site, we also offer wholesale to fitness clubs and retailers, and are looking for stores that wish to carry our products.

Current Products

Olakina Stretch Ball

Made of EVA, a hard, sponge-like material that provides moderate stimulation and a gentle feel, this conditioning tool is a soothing tool for daily life. The balls are 6 cm in diameter and weigh only about 10 g each, making them among the lightest in the industry and easy for even women to carry around on a daily basis. They are sold as a set with a basket so that they can be displayed prettily as interior decorations. The added value is that it can be placed in the living room or near the bed, within easy reach at any time, earning it a rating of 4.6★ on Amazon.


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