Consulting Business


Combining experience in megabanking and management
New business, management and new product development consulting

We offer various consulting services (from 500,000 yen per month) limited to one company in the sports, fitness, and wellness domain. We can provide one-of-a-kind consulting services that combine our unique corporate analysis methods as a banker with the know-how of wellness trading company management. Thanks to your support, we are currently in our fourth fiscal year and have recorded increases in sales and profits for three consecutive terms. We also welcome companies that are considering entering the market from other industries.

How to request a seminar or lecture


Please use the inquiry form to submit your request.Based on our experience as a member of a media company specializing in fitness and our own research, we can undertake seminars and lectures on any topic in the sports, fitness, and wellness field that you wish to discuss.

Seminars, Lectures and Media Appearances

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