My ultimate theme is to "make the most of my once-in-a-lifetime life." During my school days, I was devoted to baseball, and now I lead an active life enjoying sports such as golf and surfing. My personal goal is to maintain my healthy lifespan until 100 years old and live with well-being. My dream is to break the Guinness record as the oldest surfer at 100 years old. Furthermore, Aesta's business is my life's work. I will promote our business so that as many people as possible can spend their 100-year lives in well-being.


Born in 1993. After graduating from the School of Commerce at Waseda University, he joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in 2017. Mainly engaged in finance operations for real estate acquisition funds. Released a chaos map listing 200 domestic and international sports tech companies from 2020 to 2023; appeared on Abema Prime News in 2022; contracted to manage fitness media and provide management consulting services from 2021 to 2023. With the language skills gained from studying abroad, the research skills cultivated through Chaosmap, and the knowledge and networks developed through fitness media, the company has entered the wellness trading company business.



Daiki Natsui


Hobbies: Strength training, baseball, surfing, golf, traveling, karaoke